Yulia Matochkina's Debut Triumph as Princess Eboli at the Royal Opera House

Yulia Matochkina's Debut Triumph as Princess Eboli at the Royal Opera House
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On June 30th, the renowned Royal Opera House, Covent Garden welcomed Yulia Matochkina, a talented mezzo-soprano, to make her debut as Princess Eboli in Verdi's classic opera, “Don Carlo”. Her performance was nothing short of exceptional, impressing both the audience and critics alike with her flawless portrayal of the complex character and her stunning vocal abilities. Her success did not go unnoticed, as "The New York Times" recognized her as a rising star in the world of opera. Yulia Matochkina's debut at the Royal Opera House was undoubtedly a memorable moment in the world of classical music, and she has set a high bar for herself moving forward.

Critics have unanimously hailed Matochkina's performance, highlighting her ability to capture the essence of Princess Eboli. Mike Hardy, writing for "OperaWire," lauds her visually alluring interpretation and notes the sheer beauty of her voice. 

"She is a beautiful, visually alluring mezzo-soprano made up here to be something of a harridan. There is, however, no disguising the beauty of her voice. She applies the right amount of pompousness in her “Nei giardin del bello” and cements her role as a part villain when she swears vengeance in her “Al mio furor sfuggite invano,” having been rejected by “Don Carlo”. However, her “O don Fatale” not only redeems her character with her compassion, but the aria enables her to show off her rich, wide palette. She sings most expressively here with full, sonorous top notes and with an emotion-laden, dark but velvet lower register. Her aria received deserved warm applause."

Sam Smith of "Opera Online" describes Matochkina's debut as thrilling, noting the impact of her impassioned mezzo-soprano voice that brought Princess Eboli to life in a mesmerizing manner.

Vojin Jaglicic, writing for "Olyrix", commends Matochkina's pure intonation, delicate vibrato, and flawless pronunciation. 
"The emission is straight and enamelled with a delicate vibrato, backed by a fleshy base and vigorous highs. The phrasing is tender and round, though moderately elastic, with flawless pronunciation."

The New York Times, in an article by David Belcher, highlights the significance of Yulia Matochkina's performance as Princess Eboli. Her portrayal, alongside Lise Davidsen's Elisabeth of Valois, contributes to a momentous revival of Verdi's "Don Carlo" at the Royal Opera. Matochkina's impassioned mezzo-soprano voice adds a thrilling element to the production, marking her successful Royal Opera debut.
Quoting Matochkina's thoughts on the role, the article describes Princess Eboli as a character who encompasses love, jealousy, agony over unrequited love, a fierce desire for revenge, and attempts to influence politics. Matochkina sees the role as the ultimate vehicle for showcasing her vocal prowess and acting abilities.

The New York Times article also emphasizes that it is the women who play crucial roles in propelling the story forward and offering some of the richest characterizations in Verdi's repertoire. Matochkina's portrayal of Princess Eboli contributes to the depth and complexity of the opera, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

Looking ahead, Matochkina's next project is a performance of Verdi's Requiem at the highly esteemed Verbier Festival on July 17th. 

Yulia Matochkina's debut as Princess Eboli at the Royal Opera House has been a resounding success, captivating both audiences and critics alike. Her exceptional talent and nuanced portrayal have elevated Verdi's "Don Carlo" to new heights, contributing to a truly unforgettable experience. As her career continues to flourish, we eagerly anticipate Matochkina's future performances and the extraordinary contributions she will undoubtedly make to the world of opera. Don't miss the opportunity to witness her spellbinding talent at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, until July 15th, and mark your calendars for her upcoming performance at the Verbier Festival on July 17th.

Iuliia Matochkina

Yulia Matochkina

Mezzo Soprano


"... the ideal mélange of metal and velvet in her timbre, authentically Italianate in style" - The Opera Critic

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