Pianist Riad Mammadov joins TACT for General Management

 Pianist Riad Mammadov joins TACT for General Management
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We are thrilled to welcome pianist Riad Mammadov to TACT for General Management.

Riad Mammadov's recent engagements read like a journey through the world's most prestigious musical stages. He has collaborated with renowned orchestras including the Azerbaijan State Symphony Orchestra, Garayev State Chamber Orchestra, «MusicAeterna» orchestra, and the «Veritas» Moscow Youth Chamber Orchestra, among others. His musicality has been guided by esteemed conductors such as Teodor Currentzis, Rauf Abdullayev, and Maxim Emelyanychev to name just a few.

His performances have graced celebrated festivals including the Niagara Music Festival in Canada, Diaghilev Festival in Russia, and the Caspian Jazz and Blues Festival. Riad's prowess has been showcased in esteemed venues such as the Grand Hall of the Moscow State Conservatory, M. Magomayev Azerbaijan State Philharmonia, and the Athénée Théâtre Louis-Jouvet.l.

Looking ahead, Riad Mammadov's musical journey continues to flourish. With upcoming releases including "East of Eden" and "East of Eden II," Riad's ability to captivate audiences across genres is set to reach new heights.

Welcome to TACT, Riad! 

Riad Mammadov

Riad Mammadov



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