Welcoming Veronika Arkhangel to TACT Artists Management

Welcoming Veronika Arkhangel to TACT Artists Management
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We are thrilled to announce a new addition to our artists management family: Veronika Arkhangel.

Veronika is a graduate of New York University, holding a Bachelor of Music in Music Business. She began her career in the arts industry at just 19 years old, interning with, and then becoming a Managerial Assistant at CAMI (Columbia Artists Management), where she first worked in the instrumental and then in the vocal divisions. Soon after graduating from NYU, Veronika joined The Metropolitan Opera, where she dedicated 16 full seasons to honing her skills. Starting as an Artistic Assistant, she advanced to running the Rehearsal Department for many years, ultimately serving as the Associate Director of Artistic Planning. During her tenure at The Met, she also contributed to various side projects, including her role as the Scheduling Administrator for a summer training program for young singers (IVAI - Virginia Tech).

In 2022, Veronika made a bold move to Europe to open her boutique artist management agency, Arcadia Artists. For almost two years, she successfully managed the agency, nurturing and guiding talented artists. Now, we are excited to welcome her to TACT, where she will continue her remarkable journey as a full-time manager.

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