Patrick Fournillier's Resplendent Return to Opéra National de Paris

Patrick Fournillier's Resplendent Return to Opéra National de Paris
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The Opéra National de Paris recently witnessed a triumphant return of conductor Patrick Fournillier, whose masterful direction in a production of Jules Massenet's "Don Quichotte" garnered widespread critical acclaim. Fournillier's adept handling of the orchestra and his deep understanding of Massenet's intricate score left both audiences and critics in awe, marking yet another milestone in his illustrious career. Let's have a closer look at some of the reviews:

In the pit, Patrick Fournillier works wonders. His lively, vibrant, and precise direction, along with his perfect mastery of the style of this music, earned him a barrage of applause at the final curtain.
Christian Peter for FORUMOPERA

The decorative stage contrasted with the sumptuousness of the Orchestra and the Chorus of the Paris National Opera. What mastery of style, the richness of timbres, and the occasional "Spanish touches" that Massenet allows himself. Definitely, the musicians of the Parisian ensemble have no equal in these pages and in this music. Led by Patrick Fournillier, who has already delivered unforgettable Massenet interpretations on record and on stage, we witnessed a great moment of music with an ideal direction.

Pedro Octavio Diaz for CLASIQUENEWS 

The Paris Opera Orchestra fully committed to this score, to the extent of becoming intoxicated with the often opaque and flashy writing of the piece, making it sound excessively powerful, bordering on saturation, but occasionally giving rise to delights of Iberian timbres and rhythms, with plenty of "local colour" deployed by the orchestra in the pit, but without artifice. A rare occurrence at the Paris Opera, the entire production – soloists, choir, conductor, director, and their team – was acclaimed at the end of the performance.
Bruno Serrou for SCHERZO

In this regard, the Interludes (especially the second) and a significant portion of Act V end up breaking through the shell of polite listening: moments where the Paris Opera Orchestra reaches an unprecedented fullness (magnificent solo cello preceding the diamond-like singing of the strings) under the passionate baton of Patrick Fournillier. From the first notes, taken in hand, it was clear that the French conductor would know how to exude the poetry and quiet lyricism of a score that remains challenging, even over a century after its creation in Monte-Carlo in 1910.
Jean-Luc Clairet for RESMUSICA

The orchestra also shines, impeccable under the precise direction of Patrick Fournillier.
Ivar Kjellberg for PREMIERE LOGE

It is Patrick Fournillier's stylish and lively direction that brings unadulterated joy.
Thomas Deschamps for ALTAMUSICA.COM

Patrick Fournillier

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