Konu Kim shines at Donizetti Opera Festival

Konu Kim shines at Donizetti Opera Festival
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"A Shining Tenor" Konu Kim gave a "profound" and "revalotory" performance (Opera Wire) this weekend as Leone in the world premiere of Donizetti's "L’Ange De Nisida". 

The first-ever staging of the opera took place during this year’s Donizetti Opera Festival in Bergamo. 

Created in 1839, "L’Ange De Nisida"  did not get to it’s premiere and was later re-worked by Donizetti into one of his most known pieces “La Favorite”. Only years later, museologist Dr. Candida Mantica was able to combine extracted parts from “La Favorite” with surviving parts of the initial score and recreate “L’ange de Nisida” in its original state. 

Konu Kim as Leone de Casaldi gave an impressive performance “in an ardent, silvery and focused tenor.  He has a very classy sense of line and a terrific ability to float some beautiful high notes on the breath, making some ravishing use of voix mixte.” ( The Opera Traveller ). 


Francisco Salazar writes in his Opera Wire article: “No one could ever anticipate what Kim would do with the role as he first entered Act one, singing with a bright timbre and giving each phrase a smooth and delicate color….One of the highlights of the evening was without a doubt his aria, “Hélas! Envolez-vous, beaux songes!” He began the aria with a delicate, piano sound that was reminiscent of a whimper. Then when he was asked to ascend into the higher tessitura, he gave the high notes a forte dynamic that expressed a cry of desperation. At one point he delivered an exquisite mezza di voce that  while a display of virtuosity, effectively conveyed how he felt more and more trapped after becoming a monk”.

"...this is a tenor to look out for in the coming years" he adds, and we could not agree more. 

© Donizetti Opera Festival
Keonwoo  Kim

Konu Kim



"secure with a delicious creamy tone to the middle and upper parts of his voice — you just want him to keep singing." - Louise Flind

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