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Patrycja Werbińska

To contact Patrycja Werbińska: patrycja@tact4art.com | +48 508 134 881

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Stage director - Live Action Designer

Ran Arthur Braun


About Patrycja Werbińska

A graduate of the University of Economics in Poznań, Poland, with a Master's Degree in Economics. She completed postgraduate studies in the field of Capital Investments. For several years she worked as a manager of a brokerage house, specifically focusing on private banking clients. After giving birth to 5 children and delighted with the perinatal world, she created, launched and managed postgraduate studies for midwives for several years. The main scope of the studies was teaching them the natural approach to childbirth and motherhood. Being a member of the TACT ensemble is an extension of her love and fascination with opera and classical music. Privately, she is deeply involved in classical music education as a mum of musically talented children.