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Patrycja Werbińska

To contact Patrycja Werbińska: patrycja@tact4art.com | +48 508 134 881

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Stage director - Live Action Designer

Ran Arthur Braun


About Patrycja Werbińska

Patrycja integrates TACT and Show Talent Network, which is a global casting management platform specializing in recruiting talented individuals across various fields such as stunt performers, martial artists, circus artists, acrobats, dancers, extreme sports enthusiasts, drone teams, and renowned photographers in the film industry. Initially conceived as a casting tool for films, TV series, live shows, and theatre, it has rapidly evolved through collaborations with major companies worldwide. Patrycja, a graduate of the University of Economics with a Master's Degree in Economics, has also completed postgraduate studies in the field of Capital Investments. With several years of experience as a manager in a brokerage house, she specifically focused on private banking clients. After the joy of welcoming five children into her life and inspired by the perinatal world, she took a unique turn in her career. Patrycja created, launched, and managed postgraduate studies for midwives for several years. The primary focus of these studies was to impart a natural approach to childbirth and motherhood. In addition to her professional pursuits, Patrycja is deeply involved in classical music education as a mother to musically talented children.