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To contact Germán Gholami: german@tact4art.com | +37256887406

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About Germán Gholami

Germán Javier Gholami Torres-Pardo was born in Madrid, Spain in 1985, in a family of professional musicians. His father, a multi-instrumentalist, a composer and a music therapist Ali-Reza Gholami, gave him his first violin and flute lessons at an early age. His mother, a classical soprano and a guitar teacher at the Aranjuez Conservatory, María Ángeles Torres-Pardo Criado had the major role in training him as a lyric tenor. First he started to perform with the family ensemble called Grupo Canzona, interpreting Spanish Medieval music and then performed with Musicalis Tenors from Aranjuez. In 2012 Germán Gholami graduated from the University of Alcalá as a music pedagogy and started his career as a classical tenor. Germán Gholami has had roles in Opera productions and recitals in Italy, Spain, Scotland, Poland, Russia, Finland, Israel, South Korea, Denmark, Holland, etc. Germán Gholami has collaborated with concert organizers from Estonia together with the Organist and Manager Merle Kollom, who received the best concert organizer award in 2003 from Estonian Concert. Before the pandemic, he participated as a Casting adviser of different productions in the US. He also co-organized, Opera recitals and concerts in many venues around Europe.