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Valeria Kolomiets

To contact Valeria Kolomiets: kolomiets@tact4art.com

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Rotem Nir

Mezzo Soprano

Lora Grigorieva


About Valeria Kolomiets

Born in Saint Petersburg, Valeria spent her entire childhood and youth immersed in music, graduated from a choral conducting department of a music college and did her Master's degree in linguistics and intercultural communication. Valeria has amassed extensive experience in the tourism industry, particularly as a specialist in visa arrangements for the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, and Ireland. She also owned a company in the same field and served as a top manager for an international supply company. However, music remained Valeria's true passion, eventually bringing her to work for TACT. Her love for theatre, music, and learning foreign languages persists; in addition to knowing English and Finnish, Valeria is currently fascinated by Spanish and Portuguese. She is raising two wonderful children, adores travelling, and is committed to self-development.