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Marcin Kopec

To contact Marcin Kopec: marcin@tact4art.com | +44 79 81 91 88 14

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About Marcin Kopec

Marcin was the CEO and co-creator of a unique online service for singers - The Opera Stage, due to the success of the platform, he chose a handful of both promising and established artists and together with his business partner Stephen Svanholm founded SVANHOLM KOPEC Artist Management, a boutique management, working with the emerging UK talents. His knowledgeable, personal approach, strong mentoring skills and over a decade of experience as a professional singer helped to establish a management focussed on setting and achieving career goals. In his free time, Marcin enjoys dancing and running and is a very skilled restaurantgoer. He joined TACT in 2016 and is in charge of management's division in London since.