"Opera in Focus". Online workshop for opera singers


TACT is teaming up with Kinolift to present an online workshop “Opera in Focus”, lead by stage director Alexey Frandetti and baritone Vladimir Chernov.

Utilizing fundamental acting principles, we will discuss the tools for the work in front of the camera and characterizations, and keys to develop your emotional and intellectual skills to refine your work as a singing actor.

The workshop takes place at 4 p.m. CET on Tuesday, May 12. Join us to find out more and get the extra tools to succeed in the 21st century as an opera singer.

Interview with Alexey Frandetti in anticipation of the 'Opera in Focus" webinar
Alexey Frandetti

Alexei Frandetti

Stage Director


Three-times winner of the Golden Mask Theatrical award

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